Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Simply K-Pop in Shenzhen

What feels like a million years ago, Anna went to her first K-pop concert and forgot to blog about here it is with the mother of all delays:

Simply K-Pop Tour 2014 Shenzhen

Performers: Crayon Pop, 4Minute, VIXX, Boyfriend, Block B, U-KISS, Winner, G-Dragon
MCs: Kevin and Eli from U-KISS

Award for stupidest event security: Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium
Reason: They wouldn’t let people stand up from their seats. It’s a POP CONCERT where 90% of the songs are electronic DANCE numbers and people weren’t allowed to stand up!

Award for least natural eyes: Hyuna from 4Minute
Reason: whatever lenses she was wearing it looked like some had photoshopped her eyes on her face

Award for most adorable group: Crayon Pop and Block B
Reason: you just want to pinch Crayon Pop’s cheeks, and Block B manage to be adorable in the most badass way

Award for shortest performance: 4Minute
Reason: two songs…

Award for creepiest English spoken: G-Dragon
Reason: was he on drugs or does he just always sound like that? At least he got the audience involved though

Award for best unexpected pleasant surprise: Boyfriend
Reason: they were so into their singing and dancing it was a pleasure to watch and they had cheat sheets with Chinese sentences written on their hands so they could talk to the fans, when there was a technical problem and the music didn’t start, they filled the gap with chatting and fan service

Award for most energetic dance group: U-KISS
Reason: they were also really into it and their energy was great, they made me want to dance but I COULDN’T because we had to SIT…

Award for slightly disappointing: VIXX
Reason: it felt like they were just going through the motions, kind of tired

Award for most popular act: WINNER and GD
Reason: half the stadium came just to see them, Big Bang light sticks everywhere, when WINNER came on stage the security guys gave up and everybody was standing on their plastic chairs

Award for most fricking beautiful face of the night: Zico from Block B
Reason: I honestly had no idea…only idol I know who apparently looks better live than in pictures

Award for most live singing: U-KISS and Winner
Reason: their singing sounded live and good

Award for best Chinese spoken: Eli from U-KISS
Reason: only person who spoke Chinese, he seems to be pretty fluent 

The venue

Dudes selling light sticks on the road to the stadium

Yeah I got there early...

Lots of empty space

Two lovely dudes MCing

Thanks to those dudes for standing still long enough so I could take one picture that is not 100% blurry

Can you spot which dude on the stage is GD? Because I sure can't...thank heaven for the huuuge screens

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